The Right Amount of Sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial for a growing child to be happy and healthy!

The benefits of a good night’s sleep are endless and will keep your children focused and ready for anything that comes their way. 

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Children that don’t get the required amount of sleep are more likely to develop heath issues, such as obesity and poor heart health.

But lack of sleep doesn’t only harm a child’s physical health, “When kids meet the adequate number of sleep hours for their age on a regular basis, they’re likely to see benefits including better behavior, attention span, learning, memory, emotional regulation and overall quality of life,” said Lee Brooks, an attending pulmonologist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the U.S.




The right amount of sleep varies from child to child and from age to age. The U.S. based Sleep Foundation recommends that toddlers, aged one to two years, get anywhere from 11 to 14 hours of sleep.

Three- to five-year-olds should get around 10 to 13 hours while school-aged children (six to 13 years) should get about nine to 11 hours.

This is for a 24-hour period of time and does include naps.




There are several ways to make sure your child has good sleeping habits. Creating a routine that your child always sticks to is key.

They should go to bed and wake up around the same time each day. Children should also start to slow down towards the end of the day so scheduling activities too close to this time should be avoided.

Electronics are another factor that can hinder sleep. Try to keep televisions and other electronics out of your child’s room.


A good night’s sleep can make or break your child’s performance in everyday activities. Make sleep a priority so that your children becomes healthy, successful adults!

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