Standing Together Against the Epidemic




Standing Together

Against the Epidemic











Dear Parents and Students,


The coronavirus is on-going and the new variant of the virus is still in transmission. It’s reported that four people in Xiamen tested positive on July 30th.



For the health and safety of our staff and students, Sunshine Home campuses immediately arranged nucleic acid testing of all school members and completed the test at 3 pm, July 30th.







Sunshine Home

nucleic acid test












#  Raise Awareness  #

To further enhance safety awareness, we would like to encourage our parents to understand continual epidemic prevention and control efforts. Become aware of potential dangers, be vigilant, and reinforce the safety awareness mottos: “we cannot allow a single mistake, so all of us must insist on preventing the virus’ spread” and “guard against imported cases and a rebound in indigenous cases". Besides, everyone should prevent the virus from spreading through either humans or items. In this way, we will put epidemic prevention and control measures into effect.


#  Carefully Arrange Family Trips and Avoid “Peak Periods" #

Avoid going to medium- or high-risk areas, traveling outside China, or leaving the province unless you have to. We encourage you to spend your summer holiday in Xiamen and to work and study at home. If you have to take a family trip outside Xiamen, please strictly follow Sunshine Home’s reporting and leave request system. Protect yourself by wearing a mask, washing your hands regularly and by social distancing from fellow travelers. Remember to bring common medications, avoid the Chinese New Year peak travel seasons and monitor/manage your health. Lead your children by example by obeying traffic regulations while travelling.


#  Stay Away From Dangerous Materials and Other Hazards #

Whether you stay at home or take a trip, make sure to keep your children away from water, fire, electricity and other unsafe hazards. Do not allow your children to go to dangerous places, play with dangerous items or touch plugs/sockets. When you take a family trip, be sure to watch over your children and keep them in view. During the Chinese New Year, fireworks and other explosives are strictly forbidden. Children are allowed to set off fireworks only with adults’ supervision and in legally sanctioned areas. Take care of personal safety and avoid fire accidents.


#  Clean and Sanitize Thoroughly #

In order to follow the authority’s requirement on prevention and control of the epidemic during this critical period, we encourage families to strictly prevent the spread of the virus at home. We encourage family members to record their body temperatures daily. Set up a designated area for storage and disinfection of items to limit contact with other items and people. Maintain a hygienic household by cleaning thoroughly. Prevent and control the spread of common infectious diseases by implementing the “Four Early Measures”: early detection, prompt reporting, swift isolation and early treatment. Conduct epidemic prevention and control measures in order to prevent the spread of viral diseases.


#  Eat Healthily #

In order to prevent the spread of disease through the cold-chain food from imported countries, try to buy cold-chain food in formal supermarkets or local markets. Pay attention to the origin of food, its sources, food quarantine and other related information. Ensure that raw food materials are procured safely, that channels are safe and traceable, that imported cold-chain food has been disinfected and meets the requirements of the two certificates (one for disinfection and one for the absence of coronavirus). Anyone who goes shopping outside and/or receives or moves cold-chain food should be equipped with protective equipment. Wear protective clothing such as masks and gloves throughout the work period, avoid direct contact with the hands and develop good hygiene habits.


#  Avoid Large Crowds #

Strictly monitor social events and insist on the strictest and tightest management thereof. Avoid large crowds. In principle, meetings, training, New Year's greeting parties, alumni reunions, parent meetings and other largely crowd events are prohibited. Private family gatherings such as the number of dinner party participants should have less than 10 people and these events should be short in duration. Anyone who has flu, cough and other physical symptoms should avoid participating in social gatherings of any size.


#  Maintain a Healthy Daily Routine #

Keep early hours (try to help your child take a nap at noon). Schedule time for study, entertainment and sports. Take care of your eyes by keeping a proper distance when watching TV and using the computer and/or smart phone. Help your child eat more fruits and vegetables. Avoid greasy, spicy and cold foods. Encourage your child to have a regular diet and to develop a healthy routine.


#  Maintain Daily Protection #

Enhance the awareness of personal protection/hygiene habits such as: wearing a mask, washing hands regularly, avoiding large crowds, using serving chopsticks, maintaining a safe social distance from others, and covering your mouth when coughing/sneezing. Educate and instruct family members to strengthen physical exercise to build up resistance to and prevent the spread of infectious diseases.



We believe that with this cooperative effort from the students, teachers and parents, we will all persevere in the prevention and control of the epidemic and everyone will return to normal life as soon as possible.



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Translator: Sherry

Proofreader: Jacob

Reviewed initially by Sherry

Final approved by Demi & Kathy




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