Teaching Like a Mother

Sunny Star|Interview with Teacher Sunny: Teaching  Like a Mother

Today Sunny visited Seaside Extension Sunshine Home Kindergarten campus, observed the Lions Class and interviewed the class’s teacher, Teacher Sunny.



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Hi Sunny! I noticed that you greeted the children and parents at the gate early in the morning. Do you do this every day?




Generally speaking, I will be at the gate before 9 a.m. I also like to see the children as early as possible. It makes me energetic whenever I see the big smiles on their faces and hear their enthusiastic greetings. 




After 9:00 a.m., I will leave for class, work with my co-teachers, and engage in classroom management. 





Hopefully the children can arrive on time, so that they will not miss their first Circle Time lesson. Later, they’ll take a quiet nap and enjoy their regular, healthy daily routine.




Q: I found that, some of the children couldn’t help but sob before they enter the classroom. However, with your help, some of them stopped and gradually engaged in the classroom activity. It seems that you have some "secrets" for these children. Would you share them with us?

Teacher Sunny: Actually, most of the children are not able to refrain from crying. Above all, we must respect and accept their emotions. Family is everything for children. It’s really hard for them to part from their families every day.



I think it’s necessary for them to learn to handle their emotions. I will hug them after they separate from their parents. I will hold their little hands, whisper to them, and guide them to say, "See you this afternoon" to their families. In this way, it will help the children to know that they are not being abandoned, and that their parents will meet them after school. This is important. Also, I will wipe their tears and help them change their shoes to help them feel safe again as soon as possible. 



After bringing them into the classroom, they will slowly stop crying when they see that the other children are quiet. In other cases, they might be crying because they got up early and didn’t get enough sleep. They could also be hungry or need to use the bathroom. The more time I spend with each child at school, the easier it is to understand why they are crying.



Q: What kind of role do you play in children's school life?

Teacher Sunny: Well, my role is that of a teacher, but it’s similar to a motherly role as well. Aside from the time they spend sleeping at night, children spend most of their time in kindergarten. I am supposed to watch over them, to love them and tend to their needs, just as a mother does. Meanwhile, as their teacher, I must also ensure that children have fun and grow academically without spoiling them.



I often tell my children that in school, their teachers are just like their mother. They can ask teachers for help if they need anything and shouldn’t be afraid of them. This will help new students or students who are not good at expressing themselves have a sense of safety and to feel encouraged asking teachers for help.




Q: Will you feel sentimental when your children grow up and forget the love and care you once shared with them?

Teacher Sunny: Not really. We respect and love our young students. This will help them to grow. Younger children naturally forget parts of their younger days as they grow older. It’s similar to breast milk: children will forget its taste one day. However, when children are young, it nourishes them, supports their life and helps them to grow in a better way.



Q: What have you learned from your children? Is there anything that impresses you in particular?

Teacher SunnyWorking as a teacher, the greatest reward is seeing children’s growth and achievement. We may feel their changes directly from their classroom performance, or other times in their classroom behavior.



Parents’ feedback impresses and surprises me. Some parents told me that their children often imitate what I do in the classroom. At home, they hold the picture book and ask their mothers to sit across from them, just like in the classroom. They imitate my class performance, "When you listen to the picture book, please put your little hands on your knees, listen carefully, and look at the book..." Some parents told me that their children's behavior has improved a lot since they started kindergarten. When they read books at home, children tell their family members, "Sit like a little white swan!” Other parents told me that their children like to hum the songs and read the poems that I’ve taught them in the class before bedtime...



All these reflections make me feel a greater sense of responsibility. Children’s progress and growth encourage me and allow me to reflect on how to give more positive and personal guidance for each child’s growth.




Q: What do you expect from your students?

Teacher Sunny: Hopefully, I can share my knowledge with children, and help them to learn on their own initiative, to follow rules, to communicate well, to have self-esteem and be respectful. 



In addition, I think planning skills are also important. It ranges from small things like being aware of the flow of the day, creating a heathy lifestyle, learning life skills and keeping self-discipline. It can also include big things like how to establish the foundation for their future and for the world. I hope that all the children of this generation will bring light into the world.



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As far as I know, it's been 5 years since you became a member of Sunshine Home. What would you like to say if you could talk to yourself 5 years ago?




If there is a time machine to help me travel back to five years ago, I would tell myself: live in the present, be grateful, try your best and enjoy the experience! Keep learning and changing to meet the children's needs and long-term development. There is a long way to go. Just keep going!






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