Sunshine Home Kindergarten at Ruijing’s Successful Closing

Start of A New Journey

Sunshine Home Kindergarten at Ruijing’s Successful Closing Ceremony and the Start of A New Journey


Ruijing Sunshine Home Kindergarten was Sunshine Home’s founding location. It has served as a marker of Sunshine Home’s growth and holds within its halls deep emotions and memories. 


Unfortunately, Ruijing Sunshine Home’s insufficient learning space hindered its future development over the years. In order to give our young learners the best possible learning environment, we began this difficult closure process in January 2021 and finalized it in June 2021. Children were transferred to other Sunshine Home campuses to continue their studies.


Today, a special closing ceremony was carried out in Ruijing. Not only did it mark the end of Sunshine Home’s Ruijing Campus, but also marked the beginning of a new Sunshine Home journey.


We knew that all good things must come to an end. However, the sincere wishes of others were never too late to be received.


At this closing-down ceremony, every word written on the ‘Wall of Wishes’ were sincere and moving. Teachers gave their wishes. 


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Children, parents and Jeanny, the founder of Sunshine Home, all expressed their reluctant departure from Ruijing Sunshine Home.


The children told us, “I grew up here."


One of the parents said, "I have witnessed my child’s growth here. At the very beginning, he couldn’t stand or sit nicely. He was talkative, had trouble concentrating in class and had behavior problems. But now, he is more principled. He enjoys reading, has consistent daily routines and good learning habits.


Jeanny said, "Ruijing Sunshine Home Kindergarten was our first established campus, which makes it like a first child that has undergone a 10-year journey."

Saying goodbye is not an end, but a chance to reunite in the future.

In the ceremony, parents presented banners to express their thanks for all the teachers’ hard work and their love and attention to their students, while the children gave a well-prepared performance.


"Torrian-TV" show from SunDiscovered English Training Center.


"Torrian-TV" show

The song "Golden Childhood" from the Puffins Class.

The song "Say Goodbye to Tomorrow" from the Sharks Class.

"Dear teacher! Thank you for channeling a sea of knowledge to me.


Dear friends! Thank you for sharing this bittersweet school life with me.


Dear parents! Thank you for sheltering me at home, the one place that can protect me against wind and rain."


Amidst children’s innocent voices, the sadness and tears of departure seemed to be washed away by flowers, applause and well wishes.

Alice, the principal of Ruijing Sunshine Home, presented the children with awards and gave her best wishes.

Some of Jeanny’s students, who had graduated from Ruijing Sunshine Home Kindergarten, revisited Ruijing campus and gave their goodbyes.

Finally, children and teachers’ sang "The Star and The Sea".

After all children and teachers enjoyed pastries, fruits and tea, the closing ceremony came to an end.

Dear parents, thanks again for your attendance! May all our parents and children have a bright future. The road ahead is vast and contains endless possibilities. We look forward to our next encounter in the near future!

Editor: Ciel

Translator: Sherry

Proofreader: Jocab

Reviewed initially by Alice, Sunny and Jeanny

Final approved by Kathy




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