My Journey of Study after Returning to China

Recording details of my child’s life


Time flies by and the little girl who enjoyed chasing pigeons has returned to her motherland over the summer.


This is one of my mom’s favorite videos. At that time, I was about to begin my first taste of group interaction. With great anxiety and anticipation, my mom took me to kita (German for kindergarten in short). Here, I successfully learned to walk, eat and sleep independently. I learned new knowledge, such as how to clean up, and developed skills, such as language and communication.


My mom said, “Even now, we are still grateful for this unforgettable time.”


In the middle of August, I started a new life in China and embarked on a new journey of study.


Just look at the photos and you can see how happy I was.


After a tough first few days, I began to accept the teachers. After a week, I got rid of my diaper completely and could go to the bathroom independently.


The doctor set is one of my favorite toys. I love to take the baby’s temperature, brush his teeth, wash his face, give him an injection and help him take medicine.


Under the loving guidance of the teachers, I became more and more interactive and developed a love of performing in front of everyone. Of course, the teachers all said that my performance was also very wonderful.


I made a lot of handicrafts. Every day after school, I would hold my work tightly in my hand to take it home and show it to my mom and dad. Whenever I finished my crafts, I would tell the teacher immediately.


As a naughty girl, I would have fun playing with the teacher for a while before I went to bed.



1. My mom noticed that I had already learned how to sing the songs and she was very happy. I could sing a complete song!


2. Ha-ha, my mom would tell me the story of the red monkey every day. Now, I can tell it by myself.


3. This is the first poem I recited to my mom.



Now, I can name almost all my teachers and classmates, and occasionally I tell my mom who is my good friend. I love to interact with the teachers, especially when it comes to what I already know, I can’t wait to share with others.



Catching bubbles is my favorite outdoor game. Life is so beautiful and peaceful. Time, please help me record the dribs and drabs in my life as I grow up. My journey of study has just begun and I will keep working hard.



On the occasion of Christmas Eve, I wish everyone safe and healthy holiday!