Kai’s Journey of Study

When Teacher Jasmine invited me to share some stories about my son Kai, my mind immediately pulled me back to the time when Kai first started his studies at Sunshine Home in early June. In fact, I knew about Sunshine Home very early. What caught my attention was this word “sunshine”, with “sunlight” as its original meaning and “positive, cheerful, lively and vibrant” as its implied meaning. It immediately intrigued me.

For a long time Kai’s father and I have been considering which the right preschool is for Kai. What we wanted most was to find a school for Kai where he would be willing and comfortable with learning and a school that would make him feel relaxed, happy and safe. In this way, he would naturally gain knowledge.



If you are very attentive and loving with your baby, you will feel their emotions, and you will know exactly what your baby is thinking and when he does something on his own, it will surprise you. Instead of scolding him, you can empathize with him. Sometimes you will find that your baby is more like an adult than you are. He will switch roles with you, as if you’re the baby and he’s the parent.

Most of the time, I communicate with my child as a friend. In spare time, I would have fun playing with him. I would even intentionally do something wrong or act like a spoiled child for Kai to correct me. He would tell me, “Mom, you can’t do this. You should… That will be better.”




I’m a mother of a four-year-old child, and I gained all my parenting experience through trial and error.

I was lucky enough to have my lovely baby in May 2015. When I first saw him, I thought he was so bad looking. Fortunately, as he grew, he became more and more good-looking. Although he is not particularly handsome, he is quite like a little man.

I breastfed my baby until he was a year and a half old, which was not easy for me as a working mother. During this period, I couldn’t sleep well at night. I had to commute between my home and workplace. When I came back from work, I also had to handle household chores. The days just passed by like that.

It is utterly crucial for children at this stage to feel safe. They are very sensitive to everything around them. A weird sound or a strange face that suddenly appears in front of them may scare them.




Before entering into Sunshine Home, Kai spent about 10 days studying at a private kindergarten, which was quite good based on our first impression. As for whether the school is suitable for your child, you will know from your child’s performance as long as you observe attentively and listen carefully to what you child is trying to express.

I still remember that day I went to pick up my baby. He was in a bad state and it seemed that he had had a bad day. When I picked him up, he didn’t cry, he just laid in my arms and fell asleep. But he had a fever that night. That’s when I realized my choice was wrong. How could I let my baby go through three years of kindergarten like this? I refused to let that happen.

After discussing with his father, we decided to transfer him to another school and this time we chose Sunshine Home.

Since he entered the school, we have seen many differences. I still remember, one morning Kai got up early and said, “Mom, I am off to school now!” He sounded so relaxed and happy, which was quite different from how he’d been when he had went to the other private kindergarten. It made me wonder if he was still the same baby!

At Sunshine Home, we can feel that Kai is loved. It has been nearly half a year since he entered the school in June. I believe it will get better and better. His father and I love him so much and we want the best for our baby, which includes him going to good school. Thank you, Sunshine Home. We also feel so lucky to have chosen Sunshine Home, which has given my baby a big loving family.




Before, my child was so reluctant to go to the first kindergarten. But now in Sunshine Home he is so happy, cheerful and confident. Only in such a safe and loving environment will he listen, work earnestly and run heartily. He tells me so much of what he learns! For example, a caterpillar will change into a beautiful butterfly, there are spaceships in outer space and sea gulls above sea, bees can gather honey, etc. He has developed a stronger manual dexterity and has his own new ideas. He always moves us.

This is exactly what we want as parents. The reason why my child becomes better and better is because he is exposed to a good education. So it just happens naturally.