Mom, I Love Sunshine Home

My friends often ask me, “Hey, how is the school your kid goes to?” Based on my daily observations and communications with teachers, my answer always is “So wonderful!”

Before entering into Sunshine Home, my child had studied in another preschool for one year. In general, we thought that the traditional bilingual preschools didn’t have too many surprises, which in my view aided in the personal growth of our child.

It was an accident that we found this school, as our colleagues were the ones who were researching different schools. They had carefully looked into all preschools in Xiamen and finally decided between the final two. That’s how I found Sunshine Home.



In frequent discussions, I began to understand more and more about this school, and the more I learned, the more I wanted my child to study here. So I came up with the idea of transferring my child to this school. This idea became stronger and stronger. Finally, I discussed with my husband and tried to persuade him. My husband was more stubborn and traditional.

It took about a week to persuade him to actually visit this school and get to know more about the specific situation. In the end, a week after our visit, we decided to transfer. Now I feel so glad that we made this decision.




Transferring to a new school can be a challenge for children. We harbored an uneasy feeling during the first day of school. We were more nervous than our child, whom was going into a completely different environment. In the afternoon, we picked him up on time and the teacher told us that he was very happy today. We confirmed again when we saw him, “How is everything going today?” He smiled and replied, “I am so happy!” We felt quite relieved.

In the following days, there was no doubt that my child enjoyed studying at Sunshine Home. From the Parent Contact Book, we understood more about what happens with our child at school. We also have the opportunity to have one-on-one meetings with the teachers, so that we can share more details about our child’s life at school and at home. This is so wonderful!




Personally, I think a good preschool teaches children about respect, safety and kindness and promotes their growth. Sunshine Home is exactly such a school.

Here, love and attention is not scarce. The teachers take good care of each child, stimulate their upward vitality and allow each student to grow strong in a loving and inclusive environment.

So it’s only natural that the children at Sunshine Home love the school (which is very important), their peers and teachers.




I asked, “Hugo, do you love Sunshine Home?” He answered, “Yes, mom, I love Sunshine Home!”