Learn to Let Go

Several times I have imagined the scene of sending Liam to school for the first time, most of which were cheerful and delightful. When this day finally came (November 16, 2018), it was the other way around, my baby was crying and my own tears showed our reluctance and sadness in parting, which continued for a whole week.



During this separation anxiety, we totally had no idea what to do. Thankfully, Miss Liu, our course consultant, offered us a lot of suggestions. With the cooperation between home and school, Liam gradually learned to adapt to his school life. Under the guidance of his teachers and from interacting with classmates, he also improved some of his bad habits and integrated well into normal life.




Only then did I realize that it was the right time to learn to let go. I began to understand that we should first prepare ourselves mentally and also trust the teachers to take good care of our children. Moreover, during the school days, I should find more time to communicate with Liam, to encourage him more often and to talk about the funny stories between him and his teachers or classmates.

I also learned that we should arrive at school before eight fifty every day so that Liam would have enough time to get ready before class (put down his schoolbag, drink some water, go to the bathroom, etc.) and adjust his mood. I learned that after handing Liam over to the teacher at the school gate, we should stop wandering around and worrying about him as we watched him walk up the stairs.




After we made these adjustments, the results were very good. Liam and I could easily say goodbye at the school gate. Since my child feels happy, I feel relieved and a beautiful day can begin.




At this time, my biggest feeling is: It is only when we learned to let go that Liam was able to embark on the journey of growth in his life.