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From about age six to twelve, children go through the second plane. The key characteristics of this second plane is that they now start to want wide... Learn More


Learning in the first six years sets the stage for learning for the rest ofa child’s life. The brain is so malleable and neural networks are being la... Learn More


Our staff consists of a mix of local and foreign staff with extensive education in early childhood education. Our team has studied in America, ... Learn More

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The materials in a Montessori classroom and the Montessori teacher work together and take these natural inclinations to guide the c... Learn More


Three of the most important ideas that govern a Montessori classroom are: Consistency on behalf of teachers; Independence as a goal... Learn More


A Montessori class often begins and ends with circle time, where the teacher might introduce a new concept or material to the class... Learn More

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English Training

The purpose of Sunshine English is to provide a good English learning opportunity for more children who need afterschool and weekday English training. ... Learn More


1.Is private school worth it? 2.Are teachers too busy to give students enough time? 3.Are foreign teachers less stable? 4.Is my child the righ... Learn More

Weekday Program

Our students make rapid progress because our certified teachers understand how to create a safe and happy environment that helps our kids... Learn More