Vehicle Safety

Of all the things we do to keep our children safe, one of the most important things we can do is to take the appropriate vehicle safety precautions.

Safety measures such as using a car seat and making sure your child is wearing a seat belt can literally be life saving.





Seat belts are designed for adults, they aren’t built to protect the body of a small child. Therefore, it’s vital to understand when your child should be using a rear-facing car seat, forward-facing car seat or booster seat rather than a standard seat belt. 


Until a child is at least two years old, they should be riding in a rear-facing car seat. These seats provide more head, neck and spine support in case of a crash, reducing the whiplash that can result if a child is facing forward.



When a child outgrows the rear-facing seat, they should use a forward-facing car seat for as long as possible. The car seat should have a harness for extra safety.


Only after a child outgrows the forward-facing car seat should they be allowed to sit in the car as normal. Even then, a booster seat is highly recommended until the seat belt fits correctly.



Children younger than 13 should always sit in the back seat of the car -- the air bag in the front may cause suffocation in the event of a crash.

Inform our children of the realities of safety importance. We want them to understand that rules have a reason and that these rules are in the best interest of everyone involved.


Ingrain these rules into your child’s mind.

1. A seat belt is not optional.
2. Always remain seated while the car is moving.
3. Never distract the driver.

The chances of injury decrease greatly when a child is properly restrained in a vehicle. Make sure your child is secure and safe before going on your next ride!

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