Golden Country Weekend Parent-Child Activity: Back to School

Back to school! Back to school!
The long summer vacation has come to an end,

and the children are back in school.



Toot-toot-toot! Here comes the magic school bus!
Where will it take the children to explore the world?

Golden Country Sunshine Home Kindergarten Weekend Parent-Child Activity: Back to School

Time & Date:  9:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Sunday on Oct. 13th, 2019


Activity process



Each child can choose his or her favorite color, print their own handprint or sign their name on the bus.



Creative School Bus

Toot-toot-toot! What do you think of the school bus? Children can use a variety of colors, brushes and scissors to make their own magic school bus.



Parent-Child Game: Colorful Paper Cups

When the song Red is the Color I See comes on, let's play a color-matching game with colorful paper cups.



Science Experiment: Rainbow Ferris Wheel

In this experiment, teachers and the children will explore how to make a beautiful Ferris wheel with skittles. What is the scientific mystery behind it?



English Picture Book: Pete the Cat

Come and listen to a picture book about what happened to Peter the Cat on his first day at school!



Awarding Seal Collecting

Come and explore the mysterious desert with us and get presents!



International Sunshine Home is Xiamen’s premier bilingual school specialized both in arts and science for younger children.

Opened in 2010, Sunshine Home has qualified foreign teachers and a professional academic team and teaching approach that relies on SLAM courses (science, languages, arts and mathematics) by independent research and development.

The Montessori Method is an important inspiration for Sunshine Home.

Sunshine Home also focuses extensively on language development, math and scientific literacy as well as creativity. The school keeps small classes to teaching with a teacher-student ratio of 6:1.


Golden Country Sunshine Home Kindergarten:
Suite 05,506-508 Qianpu Road
International Guojin Plaza

Activity Date October 13st, 2019
Price 10 yuan / child
Registration Send a message to our official WeChat stating, "Activity on 25th + your name + your contact information" or call (400) 822- 5563

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International Sunshine Home is Xiamen’s premier bilingual Arts and Sciences pre-school.  Our qualified teachers and small class sizes help your child grow up in  a safe and happy environment.


We welcome you to visit us in person to find out more. Simply reply to our WeChat and send us your name and your child’s name along with your phone number.