Golden Country Sunshine Home Kindergarten Fire Drill

This Friday Sunshine Home at Golden Country organized a fire drill to reinforce fire safety awareness for our children and to practice quickly and calmly exiting the building.



Before the drill, the teachers explained how to quickly exit in a safe manner. We covered our escape routes and the basic safety rules: stay calm, don’t push and follow the teacher along the escape route.


When the fire alarm sounded, our teachers stopped class and gathered the children together.

They lined up behind their teachers, with another teacher in the middle of the line and a third at the back of the line.


They quietly and calmly used their escape route to exit the building together.



We gathered together at our assembly point and checked to make sure everyone had safely evacuated. Each group of students lined up once more and we returned to our classrooms.

We’d like to encourage all the families to extend fire and safety awareness into the home.

We encourage you to discuss what to do in your own home in the event of a fire.



You can also take time to discuss other safety issues, particularly in the kitchen and around electrical sockets. Thanks for helping make everyone’s world a little safer!


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