Hi, Little Ant & DIY Animal Kite | Senior

We’ve selected a learning package comprised of a hilarious book and hands-on-material perfect for your senior to enjoy the Animals theme. 

Book Review

Hi,Litte Ant is the book for your senior. This lovely picture book is a beautiful story about a little ant and a boy. 


The story is perfect to teach our young readers empathy and how to be magnanimous. According to the story, a little boy nearly trampled flat on a tiny ant. The little ant begged for mercy and told the little boy, that he had a lovely home where his small beautiful family lived. 


His family comprised of his partner and an adorable baby ant. He loved his family a lot and had the responsibility of taking care of them. 



The boy listened quietly at the ant’s plea for mercy. The writer very cleverly leaves it for our young readers to think, did the little boy step on the ant or let it go? 


At the end of the book is a picture of a large shoe suspended in the sky, with little ants shivering in the soles. This symbolizes that we unintentionally trample and hurt these tiny creatures under the soles of our shoes. 


So, the story will help our kids learn to love and care for the living creatures in nature, no matter how big or small. 




The main purposes of the book are:

• To enrich students’ vocabulary;

• To help children develop empathy and be considerate to the feelings of others;

• To help students develop imagination and creative skills;

• Help students respect all forms of life.


About the Material

DIY Animal Kite is a creative hands-on material for your senior. 


Using this awesome material your kid will have to use their creativity to design a marvelous kite with the help of different colored papers. 



The material comes with a reference picture which will help your child to follow the instructions to design different types of kites, such as a kite that looks like a tiger or another that looks like an owl. 


So, help your child to get creative with this awesome material!



The main purposes of the learning material are to:

• Help students enhance fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination;

• Help students enhance spatial and cognitive skills;

• Help students learn new vocabulary;

• Help students enhance creative skills.



Enjoy the Animals theme with a complete package of awesome materials from Sunshine Home!

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