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We’ve selected a learning package comprised of a book and hands-on-learning material perfect to help your little junior enjoy the Animals theme. 

Book Review

The Turtle That Throws Its Shell Away is the book for your junior. The tortoise in the story hates the shell on his back. 


For him the shell is too heavy to carry; it doesn’t allow him to run, jump, climb trees and the turtle gets embarrassed when the rabbit laughs at him. One day, the turtle took off the shell and kicked it away. 



The shell was lost as it rolled away and hit the bear, hung on the branches of the trees and went into the river, scaring the little mouse away. 


However, the turtle soon realized that the shell is very important for him and that he couldn't live without it on his back. 


The writer of the story leaves some suspense for our young readers, inviting them to wonder who was it that was quietly taking care of the turtle’s shell? 


So, allow your child to find the answer to this question from the story.  




The main purposes of the book are to:

• To help students learn to care and value the things that they have;

• Help children enhance imaginative skills;

• Help students enrich vocabulary;

• Help parents and children build a stronger bond;


About the Learning Materials

Animal Puzzle is the hands-on learning material for your junior. 


This awesome material will help her learn the names of different animals. This material will help to give your little one tactile and visual impression of different animals like the giraffe, elephant or the lion.


The puzzle is in the form of a maze, therefore it will be fun as well as challenging for your kid to assemble the pieces of the animals in order to complete the animal puzzle. 



Apart, from spatial skills, your kids will also develop language and linguistic skills. 


She will learn not only the names of different animals but will also learn the particular physical characteristic of different animals, as a giraffe has a long neck and has spots on its body or a lion has a big mane around its head and many more. 


So, help your child have fun with this amazing material!



The main purposes of the learning material is to:

• Help the child learn the names of different animals;

• Help the child develop language and linguistic skills;

• Help the child enhance focus and concentration;

• Help the child develop eye-hand coordination, cognitive and spatial skills.



Enjoy the Animals theme with a complete package of awesome materials from Sunshine Home!

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