The Largest House in the World & Hedgehog Spikes | Sopho

We’ve selected a learning package comprised of a book and a hands-on learning material perfect for helping your little sophomore enjoy the Animals theme.

Book Review 

The Largest House in the World is the book for your little sophomore. 


This is a beautiful picture book with colorful painted pictures. The story is about the dreams and desires of a tiny snail who lives in a small shell. 


The little snail had a desire to live in a bigger shell. The snail’s father understood his son’s desire and told him a nice story about another snail Found out the house was a burden 



The little snail realized from his father’s story that too much desire would only become a burden. Therefore, he set out with his little shell to look at the world. 


The snail was amazed to see the world so beautiful, with its morning dewdrops, mushrooms with the white spots and shadows of the flowers. The snail was surprised to know that the world is filled with color and awe, if we don’t have desires that are too big!




The main purpose of the book is to:

• Help children learn about different types of animals;

• Help children develop reading skills;

• Develop auditory skills;

• Help students learn to make their own decisions;

• Help develop a stronger parent-child bond by reading together;


About the Material

Hedgehog Spikes is a brilliant hands-on material for your little sophomore. 


This material will allow your child to get a tactile impression of the physical features of a hedgehog. Your kid will need to insert the colorful spikes into the body of the hedgehog. 



The material will help to develop spatial skills, hand-eye coordination and also to learn the names of different colors. It will also help to develop cognitive skills. 


The material is child-friendly and is very appealing for the child. Have fun working with this awesome material!



The main purpose of this learning material is to:

• Help students learn new vocabulary related to the animals;

• Help students enhance eye-hand coordination and spatial skills;

• Help students enhance focus and concentration.。




Enjoy the Animals theme with a complete package of awesome materials from Sunshine Home!

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