Lakeside Sunshine Home Fire Drill Report
Fire Drill Report

On September 26th, Lakeside Sunshine Home organized a fire drill for all the children and teachers, with the aim to raise their awareness of fire safety and improve their survival skills in case of a fire.





Before the drill, the administrators of Lakeside planned and organized the drill carefully, held a special meeting and defined the drill steps, the responsibilities of each teacher, evacuation routes and other specific requirements.

In addition, teachers of each class taught our children about fire safety and how to prevent the stampede in advance, to ensure the drill run smoothly.




At 3 p.m., as the fire alarm went off throughout the entire school, the drill began officially. All staff immediately stopped what they were doing. Under the organization and leadership of their teachers, the children covered their mouth and noses with wet towel, bended their body down and evacuated to the safety zone quickly and orderly through their specific escape route.




After everyone gathered to the safety zone, the teachers did a quick head count and reported to the Principal.

It only took about 3 minutes and 52 seconds from hearing the alarm to the assembly, and there was no accident during the evacuation, which truly achieved the goal of “Fast, safe and orderly”.


Teacher Daniel and Teacher jacob demonstrated how to use fire extinguishers correctly.


Through this drill, our children not only learned how to save themselves in a fire, how to escape and how to use the fire extinguisher correctly, but also got to understand how to stay calm and evacuate in an orderly manner when a major accident occurs.

In the future, we will further involve the safety education in our daily teaching and make unremitting efforts to create a safe, healthy and happy environment for our children.

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