Special Mid-autumn Festival Activity


DIY Lanterns & Reading Picture Books


This Friday is the Mid-Autumn Festival, the day falls the perfect conjugal bliss, reunion and happiness!

Since ancient times, the Mid-Autumn Festival has had admiring the moon, watching lights, eating mooncakes and other customs which have been passed down to this day.

Sunshine Home Book & Toys also will launch the special activities for Mid-Autumn Festival. At 4:30 pm on September 13th, the children will get together to read the Mid-Autumn Festival folk picture books with their teachers and DIY beautiful lanterns with their parents to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. 


Activity details


The children will:
• Read the picture book "Yiyi, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival"
• Understand Mid-Autumn Festival Culture
• DIY Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns
• Join in the mooncakes gambling games


Read picture books to understand the Mid-Autumn Festival

The folk picture book series of Chinese festivals "Yiyi, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival" takes the festival experience of modern children as a clue, connects the festival folk custom & tradition, and shortens the distance between the child and the traditional festivals.

In the story, Yiyi made lanterns, baked mooncakes, ate sweet-scented osmanthus cakes, enjoyed lantern fairs and learned English words related to festivals, Yiyi had a colorful Mid-Autumn Festival!


DIY lanterns to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival

Teacher Sunita will use simple tools and colored paper to teach children to turn all the lanterns into a stylish, simple and modern lighting.

The children can feel the traditional culture, understand the traditional customs, start to use their brains and stimulate creativity at the same time!




At the end of the event, we will also experience Xiamen characteristics of Mid-Autumn Festival folklore-Bo cake game! Come and have a happy Mid-Autumn Festival with us!


Teacher Introduction



Sunita Pokhre is a Montessori teacher from India. She has a Bachelor of Arts and a Master's degree in English as well as a TEFL Certificate. She has a Montessori diploma for teaching in both the CASA and Elementary classrooms. Sunita has more than a decade of teaching experience in India, Singapore and Nepal.


Activity Arrangements


Location Sunshine Home Book & Toys, Ruijing Mall
Time At 4.30pm, September 13th
Teacher Foreign Teachers and Chinese Teachers
Size No more than ten children
Fee 68 (Please call for an appointment more than one day in advance)
Registration Contact our official WeChat: Workshop + Name+ Contact information; or call (400)822-5563

On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival (September 13th), you can purchase a learning card at its lowest price of the year. Please feel free to contact our official WeChat or call (400) 822-5563 for details!


Learning Card Normal Price Special Price  Discount
Monthly Card ¥945 ¥650 31% Off
Quarterly Card ¥3235 ¥1908 41% Off
Yearly Card ¥15490 ¥7500 51% Off


Monthly Card includes:4 Children’s workshops + 4 Learning Zones + 1 learning package

Quarterly Card includes:12 Children’s workshops + 3 learning packages + Free Learning Zone + One-on-one growth assessment for children

Yearly Card includes:50 Children’s workshops + 12 learning packages +Free Learning Zone + One-on-one growth assessment for children + Birthday Party



Welcome to join us! Pls. find more information in the "Learning Package" section on the home page in our official WeChat account. Thank you!



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