Books and Toys | September Children's Workshop Schedule I

Why don't we explore animals together in September?

See them in fields, in pastures, in rainforests, in deserts, in oceans, in Sunshine Home Book & Toys, and finally in the arms of the children at home!


Art Workshop
Cloth Bunny Craft


Old clothes that can no longer be worn can be turned into treasure. In this class, we will learn the art of using waste cloth.

Cloth has a wide range of uses: it can be used in toys, decoration, clothing, shoes and hats, etc. We will learn to make cute bunnies of cloth waste.

Art Workshop


These bunnies are perfect for decorating a room or being played with as a toy.


Class Time: 16:30 on Saturday, September 7th.

Benefits: Learn about animals; exercise manual abilities and thinking abilities; learn and practice English.


Sciences Workshop
Flying Water


How can we make water in one cup fly to into another cup?

Let's find out with the help of our teacher and compete to see whose water flies higher and farther!



Class Time:
19:30 on Friday, September 6th
10:00 on Sunday, September 8th

Benefits: Learn about water; understand air pressure; practice thinking rationally; learn and practice English.


English Picture Book Reading


Papa, please get the moon for me 

Monica looked at the moon outside her window before going to bed. It was big and beautiful. She wanted to play with the moon.

She stretched out her hand to reach the moon, but she couldn't touch it, so she asked her father, "Can you take the moon from the sky and give it to me?" 



So her father began to pick the moon for her step by step. What did he bring his daughter? Where did he go? Did he succeed in bringing her the moon?



Class Time: 16:30 on Sunday, September 8th  
Benefits: Learn English vocabulary; improve oral skills; develop language skills; develop imagination.


Teacher Introduction



Sunita is a Montessori teacher from India. She has a Bachelor of Arts and a Master's degree in English as well as a TEFL Certificate. She has a Montessori diploma for teaching in both CASA and Elementary classrooms. Sunita has more than a decade of teaching experience in India, Singapore and Nepal.

September Schedule
Workshops Date
Week 1

Flying Water

Friday, September 6th at 19:30
Cloth Bunny Craft  Saturday, September 7th at 16:30
Flying Water  Sunday, September 8th at 10:00

English Picture Book Reading:

Papa, please get the moon for me

Sunday, September 8th at 16:30
Week 2

Mid-Autumn Festival Activity:   DIY Lantern

Friday, September 13th at 16:30
Paper Flower Painting Saturday, September 14th at 16:30
Small Pet's Kettle Sunday, September 15th at 10:00

English Picture Book Reading:

Round is a mooncake

Sunday, September 15th at 16:30
Week 3

Colorful Puzzle Bobble

Friday, September 20th at 19:30
DIY Animal Lantern Saturday, September 21st at 16:30
Colorful Puzzle Bobble Sunday, September 22nd at 10:00

English Picture Book Reading:

Touch and explore dinosaurs

Sunday, September 22nd at 16:30
Week 4

DIY Bunny Lantern

Friday, September 27th at 19:30
Paper Fan Animal Saturday, September 28th at 16:30
Dancing Corn Sunday, September 29th at 10:00

English Picture Book Reading:

Postman bear

Sunday, September 29th at 16:30
Location Sunshine Home Book & Toys, Ruijing Mall
Teacher Foreign Teachers and Chinese Teachers
Size No more than five children each class
Special Price Try-me discount is 68 yuan (for one time only)
Normal Price 150 yuan / child (10% discount for current students)
Registration Contact our official WeChat: Workshop + Name+ Contact information; or call (400)822-5563
Friendly Tips Please call(400)822-5563 more than three days in advance to consult us about the schedule if you wish to sign up for the workshop(s) outside the designated schedule.

Friendly Tips

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