Teachers’ Training Day


 Training Day

Every training day is aimed at making Sunshine Home a safe haven where our children can grow up healthily under the watchful care of their teachers.


Safety has always been our work, whether it is achieved through daily communication or centralized training.

On this training day, we brought together all the caregivers to focus on training for bathroom safety, food hygiene and nap safety.

We repeatedly emphasize the standardization and importance of details in daily care, and seek to ensure that all behaviors of instructors in dealing with details are acceptable.



Sunshine has provided "Understanding Children" training before. This time, our training topic is "Understanding and Changing Behavior Patterns."

While we guide teachers to carefully observe the behavior of their children, we also need to understand what motivates this behavior and what the students’ real needs are.




Sometimes, in order to have their needs met, children may behave inappropriately.

As teachers, we need to guide them to take more reasonable actions – through active guidance and instilling patience – to have their needs met.




In addition, we persist in training to maintain team cooperation consciousness and upholding teaching quality.


We share the cooperative ways that can be adopted in the classroom, and encourage teachers to communicate actively in order to create a united and positive environment for our children.

We also encourage the teachers to bring together all the forces of Sunshine Home, including the principals, consultants, academic department and parents, to do so. The same applies to maintaining academic excellence in the classroom.

Teaching has never been the work of one person only. We encourage teachers to speak freely, to express their views from various angles, and to create a comprehensive teaching plan for each lesson.





Sunshine Home appreciates every parent's understanding and support! We will stay true to our mission and will work together to make sure our children and employees can grow up healthily here!

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