Forests and Mountains Themed Learning Package| senior
We’ve selected a learning package comprised of an informative book and hands-on- material perfect for your senior, to enjoy the theme. 

Book Review

Virgin Forest is my home is the book for your senior. 


The story will help students understand the importance of conserving natural forests. Through the story, the author wants to convey a very important message that due to human necessities people are cutting down the trees in the forests. 



To make things worse, people are polluting their environment with garbage wastes, poisonous emissions from vehicles, industrial wastes, etc. 


Therefore, the author through his story tries to urge his young readers to help save the environment by segregation the garbage and following the principle of the three Rs (reuse, recycle and reduce) to save the environment. 





The main purposes of the book are:

• Enrichment of vocabulary;

• Help children learn about the importance of their environment;

• Help students learn the use of three Rs;

• Help students’ respect and love nature.


About the material

Forest Cabin is a creative hands-on material for your senior. 


This awesome material has wooden blocks of different shapes and sizes. Your child will have to use his/her creativity to assemble these wooden blocks to construct a beautiful forest cabin. 




The material is challenging, but it can be fun for your child too. While assembling the wooden blocks to make the forest cabin, you kid will learn new vocabulary like a roof, walls, windows, doors, and balcony.  


So, help your child to get creative with this awesome material!



The main purposes of the learning material are to:

• Help students enhance fine motor skills and eye-hand co-ordination;

• Help students enhance spatial and cognitive skills;

• Help students learn new vocabulary;

• Help students enhance creative skills.




Enjoy the theme of Forests and Mountains with a complete package of awesome materials from Sunshine Home!

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