Forests and Mountains Themed Learning Package | sophomore


We’ve selected a learning package comprised of a book and a hands-on learning material perfect to help your little sophomore, to enjoy the theme of Global Adventure –Forests and Mountains. 


Book Review 

Snail Forest is the book for your little sophomore. 


This beautiful picture book. A little snail lives in the grass in a tiny garden which it thinks as a forest. 


But its friend, the rabbit comes along and tells that the grass in which the snail lives is just as tall as its boots. 




The snail decides to move to a ‘real forest’ where the elephant lives. But there too the giant mocked and said to the snail, the elephant’s forest is like the grass which has grown above his knee. 


This leaves the snail totally confused. The snail wonders which forest is real, the one in which he lives or the one where the elephant lives.  



The story conveys an important message to the kids, that we all should respect everyone's views, but ultimately use our discretion to make our decisions. 



The main purpose of the book is to:


• Help children learn about the forests and mountains;

• Help children develop reading skills;

• Develop auditory skills;

• Help students learn to make their own decisions;

• Reading together helps to develop a stronger parent-child bond;


About the material

Forest Animal Puzzle is a brilliant hands-on material for your little sophomore. 


The material will allow your child to learn the names of different animals like which live in the forest for example; lion, elephant, hippo, monkey and many more.  



The material is child- friendly made entirely of wood. Kids will have fun when they put together the pieces of the three-part puzzle to form different animals like tiger, lion or even a giraffe. 


The puzzle will not only allow your child to develop cognitive skills but also learn the characteristics of different forest animals, for example, a lion has a golden mane or a giraffe has a long neck, etc.   



The main purpose of the learning material is to:

• Help students learn new vocabulary related to the forests and mountains;

• Help students enhance eye-hand coordination and spatial skills;

• Help students enhance focus and concentration.





Enjoy the theme of Forests and Mountains with a complete package of awesome materials from Sunshine Home!

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