Sunshine Home Children's Choir - Dancing Dinosaurs

The second season of the Sunshine music-recording program finished in a fantastic way! Last year children sang the classic song "Hey Jude" and before this year's recording, Feinix decided to create an original song "Dancing Dinosaurs".

Dancing Dinosaurs is a funk dance song, its cheerful rhythm and shocking melody complement each other. These elements are coupled with the sampling of dinosaurs’ sounds so that the whole song is very friendly and attractive to children. 


The main part is divided into three types of dinosaurs: Archaeopteryx, Plesiosauria and Tyrannosaurus Rex. It takes the children into a more picturesque prehistoric dinosaur world through the description of three different types of dinosaurs.


A special thanks goes to Mr. Chen Jianping, a well-known musician from Taiwan, for his recording studio and Xu Tao. Another thank you to mixer Meng Zi, the producer in Los Angeles, for helping us facilitate the second season of the music-recording program.



When children and parents arrived at the recording studio, Feinix showed them around the studio, introducing the functions of different equipment such as computer screens, microphones, loudspeaker boxes and sound console, he also introduced to the headphone monitoring and studio silencing design.



Children who participated in the first season of the recording program became more experienced and calm, even helping younger children explain that they can also better control their voices while relaxing their bodies during recording. 


Some of the children who participated for the first time were jumping up and down with great excitement, and some were frightened by the strange decoration of the recording studio, but their eyes were eager to explore.



As said in last season's article about the recording program, children around the ages of three and four will have somewhat limited muscle control, having difficulty even holding a pen to write.

They also have short attention spans, being able to focus for maybe only a few minutes intermittently. Choosing children at this age group to attend the recording program is surely not an easy thing, but this is the fun part!



It ends with the words of Whitney Huston, “I believe the children are our future, teach them well, and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty, they possess inside.”

See you at the child recording program next year! Peace and love.