Come and enjoy Sunshine Home Summer Camp!

Time of summer camp



Golden Country Sunshine Home Kindergarten

Course Highlights


1. English courses taught by foreign teachers.


2. Colorful courses and enjoyable activities 


3. Children will broaden international horizons and speak English confidently



At this year's summer camp, we took the children on an exciting trans world expedition to have fun and explore interesting English knowledge and magical nature!


Our teachers lead the children to understand the freshwater world, deep sea, mountains, deserts, marine life and land life.

Every day in class, the teacher taught our children through flashcards, storytelling, crafts, experiments and songs.



During circle time, children were able to learn English with ease. Children used card games to remember and understand vocabulary words, as well as colors, numbers, emotions, alphabets and other related basics.


In this summer camp, many children were exposed to an all-English environment for the first time, they were very good observers and learners, they learned to adapt to this environment and join such a collective environment quite quickly.


2018 Summer Camp

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