Graduation: Lakeside Sunshine Home Kindergarten

A beautiful experience in life


During this time, children are about to end their kindergarten life and usher in the first graduation season of their lives.



Looking back the happy times that have passed, when innocent children studied, played and lived together. Those beautiful moments will leave the best childhood memories in the hearts of children.







During the ceremony, the children presented their final kindergarten performance. In the cheerful atmosphere, the children wrote down their wishes and folded into paper planes to fly far away.






With excitement, parents helped their children put on their uniforms and the children received their first graduation certificate. At the end, families and friends shared cakes and fruits together.







Graduation means their time in kindergarten is coming to an end and the children will bid farewell to the Sunshine Home with excitement and nostalgia. They will not forget their dearest teachers who took care of them like parents and their little friends. The children will always remember the happy times they had here.








We say goodbye to our lovely children and send them our best wishes for the future! May you all grow up healthy and happy!