A letter to the child
The best time


Habitually, I drink a glass of warm water while thinking quietly. The best times often make me linger, that is the best time.

Today I pick up the pen, time flies, the years are quiet and wonderful!


My child:

If one day you see me getting old and powerless, please stop and try to get close to me and understand me;


If one day I can’t dress myself, please be patient and put on the coat I like for me, which I taught you step by step before;



When I tell you a thing over and over again, please don't interrupt me but let me say it again. In this, I can remember the feeling of when you were a kid and I taught you. At that time I had to read the same story over and over again until you fell asleep slowly;


When I don't want to brush my teeth and flush the toilet, don't humiliate and scold me. When you were a child, I made up many reasons just to coax you to brush your teeth and flush the toilet.


When my legs don't work well, give me a hand, just like I helped you take the first step in your life;



When you see that I do not have the ability to accept new things, please give me some time and not to laugh at me, I have taught you how to eat and dress well;

One day you will find that even if I have many mistakes, I always give you the best things I can.

Be your best self, then all the time you have is your best time.

What is love?

Love is daily necessities such as firewood, oil, salt, cereals and three meals a day.

Please be grateful.

Life is so fantastic,

it gives you the nature of your life,

beautifully carved and woven brocades,

I love you, my child.